About the Event
The first ultramarathon in Uzbekistan and a unique sport event in the Samarkand Marathon series.
A festival of sport and music, where the main action is ZAAMIN ULTRA marathon. The location of the mountain race will be the territory of Zaamin National Park.

Participants will enjoy two days of unforgettable experiences, scenic locations, and a slight mountain headiness from the variety of activities.
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Half-marathon runners can bravely try their skills at a distance of 21 km with a total height of 635 meters. On the trail the participants will run all three streams: Kattashir, Kizilmazar and Obikul
The distance is of considerable distance to set personal records. The total height gain will be 1,635 meters. This trail offers a view of the whole plateau and the Turkestan and Malguzar ranges will be in view. The highest point of the trail reaches 2500 meters above sea level.
The route with an altitude of 370 meters, where the participants run to the observation point, which offers a view of the mountain stream Kyzylmazar and the entrance to the Chortanga Canyon. For a striking finish the organizers left the climbs for the last kilometers.
The easy distance is ideal for runners just getting a taste of "what mountain running is all about". The road and the uphill give relaxation and rest. The route offers a panoramic view of the starting town and the Kattashir mountain stream.
26 of May
12:00 - 20:00 Issuance of starting numbers in Tashkent.

May 28
11:00 departure transfer Tashkent - ZAAMIN ULTRA (at the parking of the hotel Uzbekistan).
14:00 - 19:00 issuance of starting numbers (ZAAMIN ULTRA).
16:00 arrival transfer from Tashkent to ZAAMIN ULTRA.
19:00 - 22:00 concert of electronic music.

May 29
04:00 departure transfer Tashkent - ZAAMIN ULTRA ( at the parking of the hotel Uzbekistan).
7:00 starting of 50 km distance
9:00 arrival transfer from Tashkent to ZAAMIN ULTRA.
10:00 starting of 21 km, 10 km, 2 km distances
15:00 Award ceremony
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Cost of participation
Participation cost
From 100 000 to 150 000 sum, depending on the chosen distance.
The location of the event
Jizzak region, Zaamin National Nature Park, Zaamin-Bahmal highway (4P40), the bank of the mountain stream "Kattashir".
The online registration for the running event will be closed at 23:59 (Tashkent time) on 20.05.2022. Participants who register before May 10 23:59 (Tashkent time) will be able to obtain a personalized start number.
Distribution of start numbers
Distribution of start numbers will be held in Tashkent on May 26 and in the start area only on May 28.
What kind of equipment is needed for the race
Special mountain equipment is not necessary; the runners will run on the asphalt road. There will be snacks and refreshment points every 5 km on the route.
Where to live
There are several accommodation options for participants of Zaamin Ultra: hotels, guest houses and camping at the start area.
You can bring your own tents (or rent them in Tashkent) and place them on the territory of the start-finish town. And also check into an already prepared campground (meals included).
For participants staying in hotels and guest houses (on the territory of the Zaamin Natural Park), there will be organized a transfer from hotels to the starting point .
Accommodation options for participants
How to get to the starting point?
1. Paid transfer from the organizer's partners. There are two options: you can come either on May 28 or 29. You can pay HERE

2. Your own car. You can arrive by using your car and leave it in the parking lot at the start. To enter the territory of the start-finish area, you will need a sticker (you can get it when receiving start numbers in Tashkent) or by printing it from the link

3. Joint trip. Add to the chats of those who's going to Zaamin Ultra. Find a travel companion or offer a seat in the car. You can join the chat HERE
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